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Hwacheon Machinery America, Inc. (HMA) was established in 1993 to support the sales efforts in the North American and South American markets. In order to address the needs of each market and of the customers in the region, we have built a nation-wide as well as local support operations to best serve the unique production requirements from the local clients. Chicago is now the home of Hwacheon Machinery America.

Based in Vernon Hills, IL, we provide technical support and services directly, and through our distributor organization. Effective May 1, 1997, HMA has relocated itself to a larger facility that houses a tech center, a showroom, a spare parts storage, and the engineering support center. Hwacheon is committed to your success-it's committed to delivering to you nothing less than the best quality products and the quality services you deserve.

Check back with Hwacheon’s new corporate Web site regularly and keep yourself updated with the latest machine technology, and see what new products and services Hwacheon has to offer for your business.

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